Learn how to heal emotional pain with celebrity healer, Antonia Harman

Have you ever wondered what that bad experience you had in that job interview has done to your confidence? Or how that one time when you fell off your bicycle and were too scared to get back on?

According to Divine Empowerment founder Antonia, every trauma, big and small, that you have ever experienced has a lasting effect on you, and in today’s over stimulated world that’s holding you back.

Some of us will also have long-standing traumatic experiences and memories that we don’t even know are affecting us – but they are. With Divine Empowerment any and all negative traumas, past and present, can be made to disappear setting you free.

Celebrity healer and Divine Empowerment founder, Antonia, has been practising this art for more than a decade and has helped a number of well-known names find their inner strength and freedom.

Through trance work, Antonia has awoken many of her latent healing abilities and her incredible results have made her the go-to healer for anyone who wishes to be happier with a clearer mind. Her trailblazing methods have made her the foremost expert in trauma release with unparalleled results.


Speaking to The Luxury Chapter about her methods, she says: “You have always been destined for happiness, don’t let events from the past hold you back anymore. Become who you were always meant to be.

“One of my specialties revolves around focusing on the ‘why’ of dis-ease, which I along with many leading experts believe to be grounded in emotions. Working on the fact that clearing stagnated e-motion – or energy in motion – ensures that diseases no longer have a purpose and tend to dissipate.

“More recently I have been having incredible success with depression, even suicidal intentions have be dissolved in a single session.”

It’s not just emotional trauma Antonia can dissipate, as she also says she can heal physical pains too, adding: “Feeling burdened translates to literally feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders i.e. shoulder pain. All aches have similar emotional reasons.”

To book a session with Antonia or simply to find out more about Divine Empowerment visit www.divineempowerment.co.uk and follow the journey on social media @antonia_harman