South Korea is renowned for its vibrant culture. Its popular K-Pop and films have huge followings around the globe. This has made South Korea a leading trend setter in fashion as the fans closely watch what their favourite singers and movie stars wear. On hearing that Elena Milano won the award for the best luxury brand in South Korea, I just had to find out what makes this Italian luxury brand so special.

Whilst hegemony is the dominant social construct in South Korea, the youth is seeking to establish their own individual identity. So rather than following the crowd, they are searching for the brands that best represent them and their personality. With a high disposable income, South Korean young professionals can afford and do demand the best. They are renowned for their appreciation of aesthetic beauty as can be evidenced by having the highest per capita spending on cosmetic surgery.

Elena Milano provides all the qualities that they seek. An Italian luxury brand that delivers style, panache, desirability and exclusivity. The brand is renowned for using only the highest quality fabrics, furs and exotic leathers. This ensures that each Elena Milano piece is unique, crafted by the best Italian furriers and craftsmen. Carrying one of their stunning python-skin handbags creates envious glances with each one having a unique pattern. This is individuality in fashion at its absolute best. The same can be said for their fur creations. The South Korean elite admire Elena Milano for its stylish Italian flair whilst providing the exclusivity that only a boutique luxury brand can provide. 

When I saw their gorgeous handbags, I just had to have one. They are just so desirable. There is no doubt in my mind that Elena Milano won’t just be a leading luxury brand in South Korea, but soon they will conquer the world. It is a brand that I really recommend you to follow. 

Luxury Bags & Furs handcrafted , Customizable 100% Made in Italy 

“Luxury is your way of living, Luxury is your stste of mind”.


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Angelina Kali