The Beauty God to the stars, Pietro Simone has launched his revolutionary line of 9 exclusive skincare products. Pietro’s clinic based on 1 Sloane Square brings his clientele a variety of treatments using cutting edge technology and his products. For the first time clients can extend the Pietro Simone beauty experience out of the clinic and into their homes with the Pietro Simone Skincare. Drawing from his Rich cultural heritage and decades of experience, Pietro’s skincare line is inspired by his philosophy “Skin is the Theatre of Life”. The range is divided into 8 “Acts” providing each of his clients with a comprehensive array of products to suit all skin types.

The Acts 

  • Act 1: Revitalising Cleansing 150ml, £55
  • Act 2: Balancing Toner 120ml, £50
  • Act 3: The Serum 50ml, £150
  • Act 4: The Cream 50ml, £130
  • Act 5: The Fluid 50ml, £110
  • Act 6: The Eye Contour Cream 30ml, £110
  • Act 8: The Smoothing Scrub 200ml, £75
  • Act 9: Renewing Peel 50ml, £75
  • Act 10: Retexturising Mask Complex 50ml, £75

The groundbreaking skincare line was personally created and developed by Pietro himself in collaboration with a private laboratory who have been developing skincare brands for over 40 years. ‘’I have worked tirelessly to create a comprehensive suite of luxury products for the look-good and feel-good skin my clients love. My aim continues to be to generate optimal, healthy skin that’s proud to be centre stage in the theatre of life. The Mediterranean jewels at the heart of the products combine to form the’ Italian Bella Complex’, my unique blend of 5 compounded ingredients which I have personally sourced from regions of Italy. Our secret is more than just the regional treasures; it is the perfect anti- ageing compound created when these ingredients are all brought together, forming the foundation of the skincare range. This skincare range has been my passion for years now, beauty is personal for me, from my heart to your skin.’’

For those looking for the full Piero Simone experience, it is essential to visit his London clinic that exudes the essence of luxurious beauty. His comprehensive offering of treatments is sure to suit every skin type and target any issue. Pietro’s London clinic offers treatments and products targeting the face and body with unique leading treatments sure to leave you feeling renewed. Whether you’re looking to brighten your skin or treat a specific skin problem, the Pietro Simone clinic as the solution for you. Explore the facial treatments and products here 

From body contouring to laser treatments there is an array of treatments to suit your needs. Explore the body treatments and products here 


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