By Mark Captain

International sleep experts estimate that nearly 1 billion people worldwide have sleep apnoea.

It all started with complaints of me snoring. One sleep study later and I was diagnosed with severe Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). The sleep study showed I stopped breathing 67 times an hour in my sleep which meant my body was deprived of oxygen. I used to sleep on my back so when I switched to sleeping on my side, my OSA vanished. Overnight.

It’s not always that simple but from all the research I undertook about sleep apnoea, I have also come up with some suggestions and products that have helped me achieve great quality sleep, Luxury Chapter style:

Hästens beds – It all starts with a great bed. Luxury bed maker Hästens makes beds and mattresses that could change your life and the way you think about sleep forever. Handmade from ethically-sourced natural materials, Hästens has a rich history running back through six generations and has had the honour of supplying the Swedish Royal Court for more than three generations. The beds are also used in select luxury hotels around the world.

Simba hybrid pillow – Engineered to give you the best night’s sleep with temperature regulation and adjustable height, the new Simba Hybrid® Pillow with Stratos™ is a technological gem: not only does it offers customisable support thanks to its Nanocubes (cubes of open cell foam), but it’s Stratos™ technology regulates the heat produced by the body during the night, helping to alleviate fluctuations in skin temperature. Find out more here.

Tielle Love Luxury bed Linen set – Tielle Love Luxury is the sister company to Tradelinens, that has been supplying premium bedding and towelling to the world’s leading five star hotels for over 30 years, including Claridges and The Lanesborough. Their Smooth and Silky 600tc is smooth and light with a silky drape and luminous lustre, created following years of development and collaboration with luxury hotel clients.

Luxurious and long-lasting bedlinen starts with the finest raw materials. Carefully selected long staple cotton yarns are woven to our exacting sateen specification and then meticulously finished to achieve the distinctive polished sheen. You will enjoy a feeling of exceptional smoothness as you rest on an impressive 600 threads per square inch. Find out more here.

Body pillow – Kally Sleep have created an innovative pillow that adapts to your body shape, giving you absolute support by encouraging the healthiest sleep posture – a relaxed foetal position on your side. This keeps the head, neck and spine aligned all night and takes the pressure off many of your joints including hips, lower back, arms, neck and shoulders, the result of which is a weightless feeling that gives your muscles and joints important time to recover during the hours of sleep. Find out more here.

CalyFX CBD vape pens – Vaping is a highly effective and efficient way to consume CBD. By taking vapour into the lungs, it reaches the blood stream directly and is absorbed more rapidly and effectively than if taken in a liquid or pill form. CalyFX Sleep has been developed to help people drift off into a deep and restful sleep and enjoy long-lasting relief from common causes of sleep-deprivation. CalyFX blends are 100% natural, pure and free from additional ingredients. Find out more here.

Sleep Siren – A one stop independent lifestyle boutique fuelled by a passion for health, wellness & great sleep stocks many luxury sleep items from sleepwear through to lotions and potions. I tried a Sanatio Naturalis porcelain diffuser lamp where minimalist elegance meets luxe relaxation. Simply add your favourite essential oils to wash away worries and induce a deep, restful sleep. Find out more here.

The power of scent – Scentered’s Sleep Well balms and candles offer a 100% natural, time tested, solution to help restore healthy sleeping habits. This blend of more than 14 different therapeutic essential oils, known for their relaxing and calming properties will help you relax and unwind before you drift into a restful sleep. Find out more here.

Zenflore – The bacteria in your gut, now recognised for the profound effects it can have on our mood is also key to sleep. Zenflore, with the unique live 1714-SerenitasTM culture and specially selected B vitamins is a food supplement that helps support your mind and body during busy and demanding times to improve mental performance and reduce fatigue. This naturally occurring good bacteria is part of the family of bacteria given by mother to baby at birth. Find out more here.

anatomē – anatomē (New York and London) launched The Sleep Bar this year, a bespoke experience that tailors their Recovery + Sleep aromatherapy oil to individuals’ needs in helping to ensure a more restful sleep, night after night. The cities that never sleep will now sleep more soundly. Offering stunning products like a sleep essential oil elixir (that smells amazing on skin), teas and more, you can explore their products here.

Bonne nuit diffuser by Monique Hart – This limited edition diffuser is embellished with 22ct gold and made with the purest essential oils to help restore sleep, skin and mind. The Bonne Nuit scent will give you a sense of serenity by filling your room with a long-lasting and calming aroma, diminishing the effects of anxiety and stress to promote a restorative and peaceful sleep. Find out more here.