The Travel Issue

Featuring  the luxury men’s tailoring brand, Angelo Galasso on the front cover. Redefining traditional and classic Italian style with innovative and breath-taking tailoring designs.

Indulge in the world of luxury, divided into six curated chapters including. Travel, Business, Wellness, Drinks & Dining, Technology, Women’s and The Luxurious Chapter are all carefully grouped together to give you – The Luxury Chapter.

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Explore our Chapters

The Travel Chapter focuses on very aspect of luxury. We give you our top hand picked suites that are a must to stay in to some of the worlds best private jets experiences and your must travel essentials to keep you fully prepared.

We keep you looking your finest with our curated pieces. We deep dive into a personal and intimate session with our cover star, Angelo Galasso – One of London’s finest Italian tailors.

Finishing off with the Bag Index. Explore the value of your designer bags and the secret ways to keep them in the best condition.

Our Wellness Chapter looks at active sportswear with credentials, personal trainers top tips and the worlds best wellness retreats and the science behind a luxury night sleep. All elements to help you come the best version of yourself.

The Rose Revolution, luxury cocktail bars and hand picked restaurants that are a must to explore.

Our Luxury Chapter writers gets first look at the launch of the Huawei smartphone and how Blockchain is being used across all industries and not just finance and corporate.

There’s a hot new private members club in town. We sit down with the mastermind behind it all. Challenger banks are on the rise – be in the know of the worlds best and how one of our contributors provides you top tips on how to boost your retirement income & financial wellbeing.

We talk with the women trailblazing their way through their careers. From technology, fashion and finance we uncover the unstoppable underdogs at their peak of their careers, who are shattering the glass ceiling with determination and grit .

In this chapter we showcase some of the worlds most unusual & hidden luxury properties. The worlds most private super car circle, a deep dive into the Aston Martin from our engineer expert to beautiful classic cars.