Here at Luxury Chapter we sat down with the Director, Writer and Film Producer Topaz Peretz to find out more about her journey in the film industry

As an accomplished director, writer and producer, Topaz has a number of international film projects scheduled for release in 2020. She welcomes every challenge with charm and respects diversity and equality. The following attributes have helped her survive an industry as fast paced and cut throat as the movie industry. Patience, perseverance and the ability to nurture good friendships are the pillars in which she has built her career

As a member of the LGBT community Topaz works to empower women through her works. One of her current film projects are all female crew which was a decision that she was very passionate about. She is using this opportunity to reach out to many women and help empower them.

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 What are you working on next?

 Well, this spring I’m shooting Dollhouse, a psychological thriller & The Big Bloom, an environmental documentary.  We’ve been working on these productions since March 2018, and are aiming to wrap up this summer. Another special project scheduled for spring 2020 is Tainted, and a period war hero piece that I can’t currently disclose is due for release in 2021.


So currently, you’re in pre-production with a film entitled “Dollhouse”?

 Yes, it’s going very well. The writer Anna McLain has done a brilliant job with the script. It’s a psychological thriller.


Director, writer & producer? How do you make it all work?

 It’s definitely a lot when you take on all three rolls for a production. I’ve done it before, and I wouldn’t recommend it. The workload is huge. I enjoy it and I do my best to use all my skills as best as I can for each production.


What would you consider is your style?

 I love to make topics that may feel old, completely new, or take a taboo subject, and show another perspective. Perhaps my style grows with each production. Perhaps, my style is not for me to decipher, but the audience.


What, in your opinion, is the most important quality in a Film Director?

 Charm. Just charm.


Do filmmakers have any responsibility to culture?

 I totally agree that as filmmakers we have a huge responsibility to society and culture.  A story worth telling must be truthful and authentic.  Regardless of the genre, a good film should be compelling and captivating.