Welcome to the Luxury Chapter guide to Capri.

The magical island of Capri has charmed visitors for a long time being a classic popular destination with iconic movie stars of the 50’s and has hosted a number of high profile individuals over many years. Great playwrights have been drawn to the cliffs of the Tyrrhenian Sea. In Capri you’ll find a mix of island simplicity, stunning natural scenery, a touch of dolce vita and a true sense of luxury. Capri is the luxurious escape from the mundane. You’ll be greeted by the breeze through the fragrant lemon trees and the sun waving through the Sorrentine Peninsula. It’s the perfect place to get lost wondering through the Italian streets, explore nearby islands, dine with spectacular views, splurge on the most opulent fashion stores or even spend the day lazing on a yacht topping up your tan. If Capri is not your list of vacation destinations then it most definitely needs to be.


Shopping in Capri caters to everyone’s taste, style and preferences. Whether you are looking for local pieces, independent Italian fashion brands or high end global fashion course, the island offers it all. Indulge your shopping needs at the major fashion stores such as Dolce & Gabana, Hermes and much more then wonder through the streets of Capri discovering new beautiful boutiques. Proceed to Via Camerelle, where you will find the major luxury boutiques. From Roberto Cavalli to Salvatore Ferragamo, from Giorgio Armani to Valentino, passing through Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Miu Miu and Moschino.

Where to Stay

Situated on a cliff top with some of the most dramatic views of the island is the luxurious 5* hotel Punta Tragara. Located at the end of the delightful Via Tragara, it’s a lovely 15 minute stroll along one of Capri’s most enchanting routes. Each room is designed with a taste of individuality and flare allowing you to take in the entire island from the private comforts of your terrace. The spectacular Faraglioni rocks, enchanting Marina Piccola, the white contours of Capri, the wonderful light of dawn embracing the sea and the quietly romantic sunset are just a touch of what to expect when staying in the one of a kind hotel. All the bustle and vitality of Capri’s historic Piazzetta is just a fifteen-minute stroll away along Via Tragara and Via Caramelle

Where to Eat

Book a table at one of Capri’s oldest restaurants that have been graced by a number celebrities, the Aurora Restaurant and Pizzeria. The restaurant has been referred to as a “gastronomical museum” curated by 3 generations of the family. The restaurant is in prime location, with a beautiful veranda overlooking the historic Fuorlovado street. Franco Aversa, the Chef behind the beautiful Mediterranean cuisine adds a touch of creativity and uniqueness to the restaurant, placing Aurora amongst some of the most exclusive restaurants in Capri. Completing the luxurious dining experience, Aurora boasts an extensive wine cellar with over 300 tables from Tuscany, Piedmont, Campania, Puglia, France and California. This is a must for those looking for a true unique dining experience.


Sail through the Mediterranean sea

Spend the day relaxing on a yacht while exploring the seas of Capri and surrounding islands with Restart Boats. Restart Boats & Yachts are one of the most exclusive private charter companies offering unique private tours Capri, the Amalfi, Sorrento and netter Naples Bay. You will sail through some of the most beautiful bays overlooking stunning scenery and landscapes. A boat tour is one of the most exciting and unique experiences during your stay in Capri not to be missed. Restart will create a memorable experience tailored to your needs. Fulfil your desires and dreams, being involved in a one of a kind experience which include sightseeing, swimming in the most beautiful bays, experiencing local food at the restaurants along the coast, relaxing under the sun lulled by the crystal blue waters.

Tour the island on a vintage Vespa

Explore the island on an iconic Vespa 125 taking in some of the most scenic locations. Tour some of the most famous locations in Capri for 1.5 hours with stops in the Marina Piccola overlooking the Faragliono and Punta Carena lighthouse. You will have your own personal photographer during the tour that will snap some of your most memorable holiday moments with a breathtaking backdrop.

Visit Anacapri

Anacapri, home to the Capri Palace Hotel, sits majestically above the village of Capri on Monte Cappello, some 500 metres above the sea level. Go here to experience the amazing lidos, or to visit Villa San Michele. The chairlift from Anacapri up to Monte Solaro takes 12 minutes and provides you with breathtaking views of the island.


A semi-abandoned medieval monastery set behind a lemon grove, Marina Piccola, Villa Jovis and the Gardens of Augustus. The buildings are now the home of a museum, exhibiting many of the large Roman statues rescued from the seabed in the Blue Grotto in 1964. The walls are decorated with religious frescos and bas-reliefs.

Visit The Blue Grotto

This is one of the most spectacular things to see in Capri. Allow yourself to be immersed into the great blue cave as you experience a sense of awe. The 60 meter lone and 25 metre wide opening into the island of Capri is truly once in a lifetime experience. Enjoy a tour during the day to the grotto or visit late in the afternoon for a breathtaking swim when the tourist boats have departed.